A song for the world

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Mother’s first album already contains all of her musical universe in all its purity and freshness – 14 original songs that combine to create a very intimate atmosphere. READ MORE

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A song for the world is Mother’s first album. It contains 14 original songs in English, French and a song in Dutch adapted from Jules de Corte.

Mother’s first compositions were written in 2003, at the request of several musicians who wanted to start a band with her as their main member. The group performed in concerts in the south of France, Switzerland and the Netherlandsfor several years. Then the idea of recording a first album came up, and they met Patrick Jauneaud, a sound engineer who, after glorious hours in big studios, decided to retire in les Cévennes to dedicate his time solely to projects that really inspired him. Patrick discovered Mother during his concerts in the Cevennes in 2011: he was captivated by her musical world and decided to invest in the realization of her first album. At the time, Mother lived near Alès, at the gates of the Cevennes, in an old charming stone farmhouse. Patrick felt that the warm and intimate sound of the vaulted ancestral rooms would be a perfect match for Mother’s voice. The farmhouse was thus transformed into a recording studio for a week, with all of Patrick’s equipment brought in and installed on site.

Songs included in this release:

  1. Amène-moi (4:27)
  2. Une autre histoire (2:41)
  3. Solitary rider (4:58)
  4. Dreaming on (4:18)
  5. I wish (2:38)
  6. Où ta voie te mène (4:32)
  7. Summer day (3:09)
  8. Thoughts (4:18)
  9. One fine day (3:47)
  10. Little swallow (4:09)
  11. Une étoile filante (4:16)
  12. Un ange (3:33)
  13. Graag zou ik willen weten (3:16)
  14. A song for the world (4:53)

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Florent Salel, Mother, Nadia Mécheri, Yves Grangaud

sound engineer

Patrick Jauneaud